Many law firms list “reported cases”. Those are the opinions that courts have published in the case law reporters. Our attorneys have no shortage of such cases. But Maduff & Maduff is a client oriented firm. Here success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients, and a “reported case” alone is not a success. Even winning on appeal does not mean that the client reached his goals. By our definition, a “success” is a satisfied client.

Our model is to work with a client, because only the client can set the goals of her case and we succeed when she feels her goals were met. The pages that followed are therefore dedicated to the clients who worked for their successes and deserve to be proud of them.

The vast majority of cases settle, and they should. Most settlements include a confidentiality clause such that we can only say that the case settled or that it was resolved, but cannot say for how much. The cases listed on the following pages represent successes, not merely reported opinions, and many of them settled for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Since we have not dedicated these pages to “reported cases”, they are listed by case number and court alone to protect the privacy of clients and the companies they sued.

The sheer number of successes makes it impossible to list them all. We have therefore included a few each year that we thought were interesting. We apologize to the majority of our clients who do not find their cases listed here.

Successes From 2017:

• 17-cv-1907 (National Origin Discrimination)
• 15-cv-10349 (Overtime Collective Action)
• 16-cv-9217 (Overtime and Retaliation)
• 16-cv-6603 (Race Discrimination and Retaliation)
• 16-cv-7270 (Minimum Wage and Unpaid Wages)

Successes From 2016:

• 14-cv-1224 (Sexual Assault $121,000 Judgment)
• 15-cv-6470 (Family and Medical Leave Act)

Successes From 2015:

• No. 118585 Supreme Court of Illinois — Public Act 98-599 (Pension Reform) Struck as Unconstitutional
• 14-cv-4011 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 15-cv-1490 (Overtime and Minimum Wage)

Successes From 2014:

• 2014 MR 1 (2014 MR 7) — Public Act 98-599 (Pension Reform) Held Unconstitutional
• 13-cv-4461 (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act)
• 12-cv-330, 331, and 332 (Overtime Class Action) — $900,000
• 13-cv-3445 (Overtime — off-the-clock)
• 2013 L 7772 (Overtime Misclassification)
• 13-cv-8015 (Overtime and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, Retaliation)

Successes From 2013:

• 11-cv-918 (Sexual Harassment – Male on Male, Retaliation)
• 12-cv-3076 (Overtime Class Action)
• 12-cv-3218 (Overtime – pro bono)
• 12-cv-3377 (FMLA)

Successes From 2012:

• 12-cv-01 (FMLA – pro bono)
• 2011 L 2846 (Sexual Harassment – Illinois Human Rights Act)
• 11-cv-23 (Overtime and Unpaid Wages Class Action)
• 10-cv-405 (Disability Discrimination)

Successes From 2011:

• 09-cv-2769 (Overtime — Class Action)
• 10-cv-7793 (Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act)
• 10-cv-7603 (Overtime and Retaliation)
• 10-cv-1461 (Overtime – Class Action)
• 11-cv-753 (Overtime)

Successes From 2010:

• 10-cv-346 (Overtime — Retaliation)
• 09-cv-585 (Police Misconduct)
• 07-cv-674 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 10-cv-2164 (Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act)
• 10-cv-0077 (Overtime)
• 06-cv-6024 (Family and Medical Leave Act)

Successes From 2009:

• 08-cv-3436 (Family And Medical Leave Act)
• 06-cv-6470 (Overtime)
• 07-cv-5449 (Retaliation)
• 08-cv-0544 (Overtime)
• 08-cv-3272 (Race Discrimination)
• 08-cv-5028 (Sexual Harassment)
• 09-cv-1597 (Overtime)

Successes From 2008:

• 08-cv-2256 (Overtime)
• 07-cv-50121 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 07-cv-2957 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 05-cv-6925 (Sex Discrimination and Retaliation)

Successes From 2007:

• 06-cv- 6057 (Off-the-Clock Overtime)
• 06-cv-5406 (Disability Discrimination)
• 06-cv-5955 (Overtime)
• 06-cv-4652 (Non-Compete Agreement)
• 06-cv-0445 (Family and Medical Leave Act Retaliation, Public Policy Wrongful Discharge, Worker’s Compensation Retaliatory Discharge, Assault/Battery)
• 05-cv-2152 (Sex Discrimination and Retaliation)
• 0752-07-0570 (Federal Employee “for cause” termination)
• 07-cv-0048 (Off-the-Clock Overtime)
• 06-cv-6054 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 07-cv-50129 (Overtime)

Successes From 2006:

• 05-cv-3044 (Family and Medical Leave Act and Title VII Sex Discrimination)
• 06 C 00485 (Overtime)
• Independent Due Process Hearing
• 06-cv-0256 (Defense of Non-Compete, Trade Secret Violation, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act)

Successes From 2005:

• 04 MR 495 (Declaratory Judgment on Mexican Severance Law)
• 03-cv-2121 (Sex Discrimination, Retaliation)
• 02-cv-1125 (Class Action Reverse Discrimination)
• 04-cv-7574 (Overtime and Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 04-cv-4209 (Family and Medical Leave Act, Retaliation)
• 04-cv-5855 (Age Discrimination)
• 04-cv-7360 (Class Action Overtime)

Successes From 2004:

• 02-cv-8273 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• 03 C 6937 (Age Discrimination – ADEA)

Successes From 2003:

• 02-cv-5605 (Sexual Harassment – Title VII)
• 03-cv-4246 (Overtime – Fair Labor Standards Act)
• 02-cv-1666 (Disability – ADA)
• 02-cv-7939 (Ethnic Discrimination – Title VII)

Successes From 2002:

• 00-cv-3901 (Race Discrimination & Retaliation – Title VII)
• 02-cv-0327 (Equal Pay Act)
• 00-cv-7810 (Religious Discrimination – Title VII)
• 01-cv-8223 (Overtime – Fair Labor Standards Act)

Successes From 2001:

• ALS No. 10940 (Disability Harassment – Illinois Human Rights Act)
• 00-cv-2553 (Illegal Search – § 1983)
• 00-cv-5954 (Sexual Harassment – Title VII)
• 99-cv-0919 (False Arrest – § 1983)

Successes From 2000 And Earlier:

• 96 C 1369 (Disability - ADA)
• 95 C 3816 (Race Discrimination – Title VII)
• 93 C 4826 (False Arrest – § 1983)
• 97 C 3872 (Civil Rights – § § 1983, 1985 (KKK Law))
• 96 C 0979 (Disability - ADA)