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Chicago Employment Attorney


Our employment attorneys have decades of experience in employment and civil rights litigation.

A Proven Track Record

The attorneys at Maduff & Maduff have obtained millions of dollars in trial verdicts, judgments, and settlements on behalf of our clients. Maduff & Maduff has also successfully pursued appeals including all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Austin to Boston – National and International Practice

Our attorneys are licensed in more than 30 Federal and state jurisdictions. We have represented clients from Europe to Mexico, and across the United States.


The attorneys at Maduff & Maduff have testified before the United States Congress, as well as the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Senate. Our experience not only includes negotiating changes to the law, but actually drafting portions of the law itself.

Publications and Presentations

The attorneys at Maduff & Maduff have experience teaching employment law classes in a variety of schools, as well as numerous presentations to attorneys for continuing legal education.

Friend of the Court – Amicus Curiae Briefing

Courts of Appeal often seek input from attorneys and organizations that are not directly involved in a case in order to help explain the applicable laws. We have prepared and filed numerous briefs before the appellate courts, including the Supreme Courts of both Illinois and Indiana.