Darryl M. Sulkin – CFO*

Darryl Sulkin is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer responsible not only for financial management of the firm, but ensuring the safety and integrity of client funds. Darryl also manages co-counsel relationship negotiations as well as client retainers on larger cases. Darryl will occasionally advise clients on financial matters incident to considering settlement, and often provides support in wage and overtime, and front and back pay calculations. In addition to his financial responsibilities, he is also director of HR and employee relations. This includes overall management of the integration of the attorney’s and the support staff.

After earning a Bachelor’s in Commerce from DePaul University, Chicago, Darryl began working for a public accounting firm, but quickly advanced into private practice. As proprietor of Windfall Accounting and Consulting, founded in 1986, Darryl has, over the years, been responsible for financial management of business in a variety of industries including restaurant/hospitality, manufacturing, internet businesses, and other service industries in various locales from Colorado, Nevada, and California in the West to New York and Florida in the East.

Darryl’s consulting has covered everything from financial forecasting, and budgeting to management of an ongoing business ensuring growth and profitability. For some clients he has even served as the primary Human Resources director. He has represented clients before the IRS, Illinois Department of Revenue, and the state of California Franchise Board. In one of his many incarnations, Darryl was a trader on the floor of Chicago Board Options Exchange.

*Not an Attorney


DePaul University
Bachelor of Science Degree from School of Commerce