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At Maduff & Maduff, our Divorce lawyers are dedicated to providing effective and efficient guidance in the area of Family Law. Our philosophy is to work with our clients through this difficult time to achieve client driven results with the lowest financial and emotional cost possible. Maduff’s Family Law lawyers have experience in counseling and supporting clients in other difficult emotional situations, such as discrimination and sexual, religious or racial harassment in the workplace and police brutality. We have also developed critical skills in advocating for each client individually and creating a personalized legal strategy in highly charged and contentious situations.

Maduff’s Divorce Lawyers focus on many areas of Family Law including:

In this difficult time there are often many options and legal solutions to a problem. During our initial evaluation of your situation, Maduff’s Divorce Lawyer – Walker Lawrence – will walk you through all aspects of a divorce and what options may be best for your situation.

Uncontested Divorces

In an uncontested Divorce our clients and their spouses maintain control over the process and terms of the divorce. Usually our clients have already worked with an experienced divorce mediator who has drafted a Memorandum of Understanding that embodies the agreement reached by you and your spouse. That Memorandum of Understanding is not legally binding and you need a Family Law Lawyer to finalize the divorce and handle the necessary legal steps.

Because the agreement was reached out of court, often the details of the divorce and your personal privacy can be maintained. Once our client has reached an agreement on all relevant issues with their spouse, Maduff’s Lawyers will work with you to draft the Marital Settlement Agreement and file it with the court. Our job is to help you draft an enforceable agreement that clearly communicates the decisions you and your spouse negotiated and to make it as painless, efficient and inexpensive as possible.

Divorce Mediation

Maduff’s Divorce Lawyers also provide proactive advice and guidance with its clients who are negotiating the terms of a divorce. Negotiation can be in a formal (mediation) or informal (over the dinner table) setting, but in either situation a client needs to know their rights, options and solutions to their situation. Maduff will be your guide through this process.

Meditation gives you control over the final agreement, including direct involvement in custody and support decisions. By resolving these issues in mediation our clients avoid the uncertainty of a Judge making those decisions for them.

Maduff has worked with a number of mediators in Chicagoland and actively supports mediating a solution because it is often less expensive, quicker, and more private. If mediation is the right solution for your situation, we will work with you to find a mediator that can effectively help you and your spouse negotiate to an amicable agreement. At the conclusion of the mediation, Maduff will then work with you to create the necessary court documents and finalize the divorce.

Contested Divorce

While a Mediation or an Uncontested Divorce is less intrusive (and, frankly, less expensive), sometimes it is simply not possible. Maduff has experience litigating all ranges of issues in Court and will use that knowledge to fight aggressively for you.

At our initial meeting, we will set up a plan to prepare for the divorce by discussing what you can do before we take action. We firmly believe in a proactive approach puts our client in the best position once the petition for dissolution of marriage is filed. Once your ducks are in order, we will begin the litigation process. During litigation, we will work with you to develop a plan, guide you through each step of the process and diligently keep you informed of the progress of your case.

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