Gender Discrimination For Both Men And Women

When you hear the phrase “gender discrimination” you most likely think that only women are affect, however, men are greatly affected as well. Despite the fact that there have been laws set in place to resolve many aspects of gender discrimination, it still occurs to this very day.

Men are affected in many of the same ways that women are, for example, a man has been working at a business for over two years when a new female employee is hired. She ultimately receives the higher position than the male immediately with higher pay and better working conditions, this is considered gender discrimination in the broadest of terms. The man would be able to take his employer to court on the basis of gender dsicmrniton through the correct procedure.

Gender Discrimination Laws

The most well-known law concerning gender discrimination is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 where it made gender discrimination illegal in all types of workplace environments. When this law was set in place and authorized, employers were no longer permitted to hire, promote, terminate, or refuse to hire based on the gender of a potential employee.

Furthermore, this law also touches base with the prohibition of sexual harassment against any employee as well as restricting employers to retaliate if an employee files a discrimination claim.

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