Minimum Wage In Illinois for 2018

Although the minimum amount of wages a worker may earn has not changed since 2008, many workers still do not fully understand how the Illinois’ minimum wage works. Maduff & Maduff is here to help you better understand how the minimum wage in 2018 for Illinois is different along with clearing up some common misconceptions.

Illinois’ Minimum Wage

The set minimum wage throughout the whole state of Illinois is $8.25 minimum for most workers, executing tipped employees, student workers, and some occupations. Although the statewide minimum wage is $8.25, there are some locations where the minimum wage may be higher or lower in the state. For instance, Chicago’s minimum wage as of right now is $11.00 and increases by .50 cents on the first of every July annually. Furthermore, the Illinois overtime minimum wage is $12.38 if an employee works over 40 hours per week.

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

What is the federal minimum wage? The federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 since 2008, this excludes some states and is more of a foundation for states to follow.

What is the minimum wage for employees under the age of 18? Illinois’ minimum wage for employees under the age of 18 is $7.75, however, this does not apply to all workers.

If I am a tipped employee, what would be my hourly wage? Tipped employees generally make $4.95 per hour as long as the tips they receive equal out to $8.25 per hour.

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