Most Domestic Service Workers Will Be Entitled to Overtime

On October 6, 2015, Chief Justice Roberts denied a stay thereby confirming that new regulations (see our blog post about it here) will go into effect after the Court of Appeals enters its mandate – which is expected as soon as October 13, 2015.

Here are the key takeaways from these changes.

  • Most domestic service workers who were not entitled to overtime pay will become eligible for overtime.
  • If you work for a third-party employer (i.e. you are not employed by the person you are caring for) then you will be entitled to overtime pay.
  • If you perform non-health related activities (e.g. dressing, grooming, feeding, etc.) more than 20% of the time you may be entitled to overtime pay.

If you believe you may be entitled to overtime contact the employment attorneys at Maduff & Maduff today.