Chicago School Law Attorney

It is important to the attorneys at Maduff & Maduff that education laws are enforced and followed. Although there are many different areas that make up school law, there are two that we like to focus on; Suspension and Expulsion hearings and civil rights.

Suspension and Expulsion

In the case of a student suspension or expulsion, our school law attorneys will handle it like any other case. The process leading up to a suspension or expulsion is handled by the school principal by providing proof before the school board showing what the student has done. Before the school board, the students have the right to an attorney to defend themselves during the hearing. Since the Chicago Public School System is so large, any cases related to suspensions and expulsions are prosecuted by law students before community attorneys who serve as judges. Oftentimes, our school law attorneys can reach an agreement to resolve the issue.

Civil Rights

Students are entitled to civil right protections even in a school settlement. . Our Chicago school law attorneys will make sure students civil rights are not violated, including e i freedom of speech and expression, and religious freedoms as long as they are not disruptive. Another common violation is when police appear on school property and perform an interrogation without allowing students to contact their parents beforehand.

Public v. Private Schools

There is a difference between private and public schools when it comes to constitutional violations. Private schools have more freedom to act than public schools. This is particular true for private religious schools that have a constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion.

Depending on the district your school is in and even the schools itself, there are many different rules that apply to each school and the district it presides in. It is important to discuss these rules and regulations with an experienced Chicago School Law Attorney to make sure you are getting the best help for your individual case.

Maduff & Maduff school law attorneys represent a variety of clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with services helping with Overtime IssuesDiscrimination and Family Medical Leave.