Have You Been the Victim of Abusive Non-Compete Agreements By Your Employer And/Or Others to Hold Your Wages Down?

The non-compete lawyers at Maduff & Maduff have spent years battling these abusive practices on behalf of clients using existing law. Now the administration has taken on these abuses with the issuance of a detailed study on the problem as a first step in strengthening worker protections. Furthermore, Vice President Joe Biden has taken a personal interest in this crusade. If your job or employment prospects have been affected by these abuses, Vice President Biden has indicated he wants to know about it.

The White House has posted a website seeking feedback from workers that have been subjected to unfair non-compete practices and wage collusion.  The form requests basic information.

This initiative is the result of a 16-page analysis of Non-Compete Agreements conducted by the White House that was released on May 5, 2016.  The paper analyzes potential causes of wage stagnation even though there has been significant job growth and record profits for companies. The paper’s goal is to provide “a starting place for further investigation of the problematic usage of one institutional factor that has the potential to hold back wages—noncompete agreements”. The paper reviews a number of relevant topics.

  1. Common misuses of Non-Compete Agreements
  2. State Law/Legislation regarding Non-Competes
  3. Common Effects of non-compete agreements on the economy and job growth.

But even without the White House initiative, existing law may be on your side depending on your personal circumstances. And some of your remedies could be time sensitive.  If you have signed a non-compete or are concerned about whether it is valid you should consider having it reviewed by one of the Chicago Non-Compete attorneys at Maduff & Maduff. Contact us for any of your legal concerns today.