New in Illinois: Non-Compete Agreements With Low-Wage Earners are Illegal

On January 1, 2017, the Illinois Freedom to Work Act went into effect. The law prohibits private employers from entering into a non-compete agreement with “any low-wage employee.” The statute makes any such agreement “illegal and void.” Under the law, a non-compete agreement applies to the many common restrictive covenants including: Any agreement that prohibits working for any other employer […]

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Have You Been the Victim of Abusive Non-Compete Agreements By Your Employer And/Or Others to Hold Your Wages Down?

The non-compete lawyers at Maduff & Maduff have spent years battling these abusive practices on behalf of clients using existing law. Now the administration has taken on these abuses with the issuance of a detailed study on the problem as a first step in strengthening worker protections. Furthermore, Vice President Joe Biden has taken a […]

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New Non-Compete Cases Are Divided on Whether Continued Employment is Adequate Consideration to Support a Restrictive Covenant

Since a decision by an Illinois Appellate court in 2013 (which the Illinois Supreme Court declined to review) held that to support a non-compete agreement the employee must work for at least two years it has been a hotly debated issue. We discussed Fifield and a related case last January. Two recent non-compete decisions highlight the growing divide on this issue. […]

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Things To Know Before Signing A Non-Compete Agreement

Many companies require employees to sign a non-compete agreement when being hired. These agreements are most often used to protect a company’s processes or inventions, as well as keep important information confidential. However, it is important for an employee to fully understand a non-compete agreement. Here are a few things they should know before signing a non-compete agreement: […]

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