How An Employment Attorney Can Help Employers Make Tough Decisions

While most employers are able to handle employee situations on their own, there are many occasions when an employment attorney is essential in helping employers make difficult decisions, especially since employment laws are constantly changing.

The most common time an employer will seek the help from an employment attorney is during firings, especially when the employee is a potential lawsuit. Attorneys will be able to tell you if termination is legal and the appropriate steps in handling the termination of the employee.

Another time an employer should seek the help from an employment attorney is when the employer is unsure of the appropriate classification of an employee. Since employee classifications can be a potential liability issue, it is always best to consult with an employment attorney before deciding on if an employee is exempt, non-exempt, or an independent contractor, especially when a misclassification claim can come with penalties to employers, as well as lots of unpaid time that may be owed to the employee.

There are various other decisions that may require the assistance of an employment attorney. For example, when performing lay-offs, discontinuing employee benefits, or changing pension plans, it is best to seek the professional advice in order to help you avoid any potential legal actions, or to prepare you for any legal actions that could be taken against you.

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