New Non-Compete Cases Are Divided on Whether Continued Employment is Adequate Consideration to Support a Restrictive Covenant

Since a decision by an Illinois Appellate court in 2013 (which the Illinois Supreme Court declined to review) held that to support a non-compete agreement the employee must work for at least two years it has been a hotly debated issue. We discussed Fifield and a related case last January. Two recent non-compete decisions highlight the growing divide on this issue. […]

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Things To Know Before Signing A Non-Compete Agreement

Many companies require employees to sign a non-compete agreement when being hired. These agreements are most often used to protect a company’s processes or inventions, as well as keep important information confidential. However, it is important for an employee to fully understand a non-compete agreement. Here are a few things they should know before signing a non-compete agreement: […]

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How An Employment Attorney Can Help Employers Make Tough Decisions

While most employers are able to handle employee situations on their own, there are many occasions when an employment attorney is essential in helping employers make difficult decisions, especially since employment laws are constantly changing. The most common time an employer will seek the help from an employment attorney is during firings, especially when the employee is a […]

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