Making a Complaint about Sexual Harassment

Reporting an act of sexual harassment at work is scary, particularly because of fears of retaliation. Complicating matters many victims believe they will be called a “liar” and looked down upon. Worse there is always a concern that a complaint will impact a victim’s ability to “move up” in the business.

However, no matter your concerns or fears, complaining is the first step you must take to ensure your claims of sexual harassment are taken seriously and handled effectively.

First Step – Contact an Employment Attorney
Contact an Employment Attorney that handles sexual harassment claims. A Sexual Harassment Employment Attorney will help you develop the best course of action for your claims, give you support, and help you understand your rights.

Second Step – Document
Documenting the sexual harassment is critical. You should consider keeping detailed notes of dates, times and the sexual harassment. These notes will be the foundation of preparing a claim and legitimizing your complaints. On these notes make sure you write at the top “Privileged & Confidential, Prepared for Legal Counsel” to maintain privilege.

Third Step – Report
To preserve your claims for sexual harassment you must make a complaint to the appropriate office at your employer (your employee handbook should tell you where to complain). Why is this important – employers are given a chance to fix the problem. Work with your Sexual Harassment Employment Attorney to ensure you are making a complaint to the right “person.”

The complaint should be in writing. It creates a record and can used at trial. It is important that the complaint be clear and use specific words including “Sexual harassment,” in order to make a claim for potential retaliation.

If you believe you have been a victim of sexual harassment is imperative that you speak with an Employment Attorney. The Attorneys at Maduff & Maduff have over 20 years of litigation experience helping its clients. Contact us for more information.