Preventing Discrimination In The Workplace

One of the most common workplace issues in America today is discrimination. Employment discrimination is prohibited on the basis of a person’s age, gender, race, national origin, religion, or disability. While it is difficult to totally eliminate discrimination in the workplace, here are some ways to help prevent it:

Develop and implement a policy. Every workplace should have a policy in place, especially when it comes to discrimination. Each employee should be given such policy upon hiring and be required to sign, acknowledging his or her understanding. It is as equally critical to ensure that an employer are implementing the written policy. By ignoring or overlooking the policy can lead to much more serious issues for the employer.

Hold discrimination seminars. By making employees knowledgeable and helping them to recognize what discrimination may look like in the workplace, an employer can both help to prevent employees from discriminating against others, and help them to see that what they may think is a joke, really is not.

Develop a trusting relationship with employees. It is important that employees feel like they can trust their employer, which will help them to feel comfortable enough to approach their manager or HR department when they may have a concern.

Take a discrimination claim seriously. When an employee brings a concern to an employer, it is critical that they investigate these claims and take the appropriate action, keeping these claims confidential as well.

Seek help from an attorney if a discrimination claim is not being taken seriously. The attorneys at Maduff & Maduff are highly experienced in employment law, specializing in discrimination, wage theft and overtime, as well as civil rights. Contact us today for your employment law needs.