Protecting Your Employment Rights

Every employee is entitled to his or her rights. However, there are occasions in which employers overlook your employee rights, especially when it comes to discrimination.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, you are facing termination due to discrimination, or termination due to filing a discrimination claim; it is critical that you take the following into consideration in order to protect your employment rights:

Maintain a respectful relationship. While it may be difficult to show respect and be polite to others that are not doing the same to you, it is important that you are. If you are being respectful to your employer and co-workers, you face the issue of being presented in a negative way, and can be used against you if your case is presented to a judge.

Do not resign. Even if you believe you are facing termination and have been told you should resign, it is important to not resign from your position. In the case that you resign, you will not potentially qualify for unemployment benefits. Additionally, if you decide to resign, this decision can also negatively impact your retaliation or discrimination claim.

Consult with an attorney. Not only can an employment attorney help to determine if you have a valid case, but they can also ensure that your claim is filed appropriately and on time. They are also a valuable resource to you, helping you to understand what actions can help or negatively impact your case.

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