Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: What To Do

In the workplace, sexual harassment should not exist at all, employers are entitled to ensure all employees are free from it. However, sexual harassment cases do occur in the workplace more frequently than you would think.

Many people do not understand the warning signs of sexual harassment in the workplace. Maduff & Maduff has some examples of what to look for if you feel you are being sexually harassed in the work environment:

– Unwanted sexual advances
– Requesting sexual favors
– Talking about how you look
– Stating that sexual requests will grant you a better pay/position
– Indicating that not fulfilling sexual favors will harm your pay/position
– Inappropriate touching that is unwarranted
– Conversations about your sex life

If you feel that any of these have happened to you in the workplace, it is crucial for you to file a complaint and consult with your attorney. If you file a complaint with the human resources department, the likelihood of the issue being solved is high. However, in some cases the management may not take retaliation against the harasser and the individual may take retaliation against you for complaining to management. This would lead you to talking to your attorney about the situation and getting the proper justice that is appropriate for you and your case.

If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment and did not receive the proper attention to your issue from your management, it is time to contact an employment attorney immediately. Maduff & Maduff has been practicing employment law, specifically in sexual harassment, for over 20 years. Contact us to help you with your employment-related issues today.