Sexual Harassment In Workplace and Harvey Weinstein

Starting all the back in the early 1980s, producer Harvey Weinstein has had sexual harassment allegations against him from several different interns and famous actresses. The successful producer has been the harasser in 60 known cases of sexual harassment with various women.

A case dating back to 1984, aspiring actress Tomi-Ann Roberts was a college student when she met Weinstein. After a brief discussion of Weinstein encouraging Roberts to audition for one of his films, she accepted to meet him at the hotel he was staying at. As Roberts arrived to his room, she found Weinstein in a bathtub naked and asked her to join him. Immediately, the petrified college student declined and left.

In a separate occasion, an established actress by the name of Emma de Caunes met with Weinstein over the need of a strong female role in a movie he was producing in 2015. She agreed to go back to his hotel room, however, Harvey turned on the shower and came out of the bathroom in the nude as she arrived. De Caunes was instantly panicked and quickly left the room. She felt she made the right choice on sharing her story but feels troubled for those who are too afraid that it will ruin their careers.

Although there were not any physical advances, this can still be considered sexual harassment, Weinstein denies any non consensual acts of sexual activity from occurring with his employees. In addition, the producer was fired from the company he co-owned due to all of the recent claims against him. 60 women have came out and shared their story against Weinstein, it has taken decades for some who feel it will hurt their career.

Coming out and telling your story about sexual harassment with an employer can be a difficult thing to do. However, our attorneys at Maduff & Maduff are skilled in learning about your case and helping you. Do not hesitate to discuss your story with a trusted attorney. Our attorneys have been practicing employment law for over 20 years, contact us to help you overcome your workplace issues.