How To Handle Retaliation From Your Employer

Generally, if an employee experiences a violation of their rights or feel something is missing from their wages, they have the ability to file a complaint to their employer. However, some employees are hesitant to follow through with this because employer retaliation may possibly occur.

It is essential to file a complaint if you feel that your rights have been violated, this will not only resolve the situation, but will more than likely make your employer feel more sensitive to the possibility of sanctions against them, securing your job.


Employer retaliation may occur in a variety of forms and we here at Maduff & Maduff want to ensure you are aware if you are experiencing retaliation after filing a complaint by the follow indicators:

– Reduced Wages
– Employment Terminated
– Employment Suspended
– Working Space Quality Decreased
– Negative Workplace Environment
– Overtime Opportunity Eliminated

If any of these violations occurred, then you are more than likely experiencing employer retaliation and you should contact an employment law attorney immediately.

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