Have You Been Affected By Disability Discrimination In The Workplace?

Even though the ADA has celebrated over twenty years of helping and advocating for those with disabilities in the workplace and have almost wiped out disability discrimination in the workplace, there still are cases where it may occur to this day. There have been many large cases involving disability discrimination, including cases that have made it to the Supreme Court. This is still an arising issue that needs to be eliminated immediately and that is why Maduff & Maduff is here to guide you on what you should do if you feel that you are being given unfair treatment due to a disability.

Generally, employees who have a disability are often given accommodations for their work. Whether the accommodation is an extended break or a waiver for lifting heavy items, the disabled worker should be treated fairly with acknowledgement of their accommodations. However, there have been some cases where an employer dismisses the accommodations granted and violate the basic employment laws, this is where the employee should recall their unique rights as well as their general employee rights. Recalling that you are aware of your rights will not only inform the employer that you are aware, but will more than likely draw them to accept the accommodations.

File A Complaint

On the other hand, there have been a few cases where the employer does not allow the disabled employees accommodations. This grants the worker every right to report the infraction to the human resources manager by filing a complaint. In addition, the employee should report the issue to their employment law attorney to ensure they are protected at all costs.

Our professional attorneys at Maduff & Maduff are highly experienced in employment law, with over 20 years of practicing. For more information or any questions regarding what to do if you are being discriminated against due to a disability, contact Maduff & Maduff today.