Understanding Race Discrimination

Race discrimination in the workplace is something that should not be taken lightly. With all the forms it may come in, it is essential for you to know if you are being set at a disadvantage solely based on your race. Here a few common ways to tell if you are being discriminated based on your race:

Hiring: You are not hired for a specific job solely based on the color of your skin. You can determine this by seeing if other applicants get the job and if they have less experience and such than you. In addition, all of the applicants are a different race than you, which gives you the right to file a lawsuit against this company.

Pay: You have been working for a company for several years and you find out a newly hired white employee will start making more pay than you. You are moved down the ladder and are placed in the position you once started with years ago while the white employee boosts up with his unfair advantage.

Job Classification:
 You have been working for a business that has a set amount of tiers each employee may go through to reach the last tier, the most wages given. As you are moving up the tiers, you notice that you are not getting an increase in pay. However, as white employees are moving up the tier, they are getting an increase in pay which shows the employer is bias based on race.

Harassment: You feel that you are being harassed and nothing is being done. One of your fellow coworkers is insulting your race during casual conversation. You have reported the situation to management several times and nothing has been done. This is considered harassment based on race and can lead you to file a case against the company.

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