Understanding When To Consult With An Employment Attorney

If you feel that your employment law rights have been violated, it is important to know who you can turn to for proper help. Employment law issues typically happen in an event where the employer does not resolve any problem or concern an employee may have.

In addition, some employees are not aware that their rights are being violated or do not feel their reasoning is valid. Here are the most common types of employees’ rights being violated:

Discrimination – Gender, age, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability
FMLA – Prohibiting the use of Family and Medical Leave when employee is eligible
Sexual Harassment – Verbal, physical, etc
Wage/Overtime Theft – Improper payment of wages for time worked
Other violations – Civil rights, USERRA, etc

If you have experienced any of these violations, the best course of action to take is report the incident to management. For instance, you feel that there is an infraction on your latest paycheck, overtime wages were not counted as overtime pay. The first thing you should do is document the evidence and speak to your employer about the issue. If your employer ignores the complication, it is time to contact an employment law attorney to help with the situation.

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