Why You Need To Understand Employment Laws

Sometimes employees, and even employers, forget what the appropriate behavior for work is, and end up saying or doing something during work hours that can land them in a lot of trouble. This is why it is critical that you understand employment laws and what is acceptable behavior at work.

It is also important to recognize when you may be in a situation that should be handled appropriately, avoiding putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position. For example, if you are approached by another employee in the workplace, and they make comments that are either inappropriate or can be taken the wrong way, then you could be in a situation in which you are a victim of a workplace violation. There are a variety of federal, state and local laws that are in place in order to protect American workers from being discriminated or harassed against.

From protecting your health and safety, to your pay and benefits, to the leaves of absence, there are a variety of employment laws that must be enforced in every type of workplace. For more information on your employment rights, the Department of Labor (DOL) is a good resource, which provides information to employees in regards to what rules and regulations your company should be following.

Another valuable resource is an employment attorney. Our employment attorneys at Maduff & Maduff, can help you if there has been unethical behavior in your workplace. From sexual harassment, to discrimination, to wrongful termination, to overtime, we can help you solve your issue, no matter what the case may be, to your satisfaction.

To learn more about how Maduff & Maduff can help you, contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced employment attorneys today. Not only will they will be able to go through the process step by step with you, but they will ensure you know and understand your rights.