What Is The Fair Labor Standards Act?

In order to establish a national minimum wage as well as other labor laws, The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed in 1938. This act not only guaranteed things like overtime to qualified employees and the 40-hour workweek, but also prevent the employment of minors in “oppressive child labor”. Minimum Wage & Overtime The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that […]

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How Often Should I Be Receiving My Wage Payments?

When it comes to receiving your earned pay, nothing is more important than understanding when and how you will be receiving your wage payments from your employer. You Must Receive Wage Payments Twice A Month Most employers pay their employees their earned wages biweekly, with the law requiring them to do so, at least twice a month. However, […]

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Why You Need To Understand Employment Laws

Sometimes employees, and even employers, forget what the appropriate behavior for work is, and end up saying or doing something during work hours that can land them in a lot of trouble. This is why it is critical that you understand employment laws and what is acceptable behavior at work. It is also important to recognize when you […]

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When To Consult With An Employment Attorney

It is important to know whom you can turn to and trust in the event your employment rights have been violated, especially when you have taken the appropriate steps to handle your concern but have not been taken seriously. It is often during these occasions in which employees will ignore their concerns simply because they […]

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