Dealing With Disability Discrimination: Essential Tips

Despite the fact The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has celebrated 20 years of helping those with disability discrimination in the workplace, there still is a large amount of cases every year. In order to lessen this, we here at Maduff & Maduff are here to tell you what to do if you feel that you are being discriminated against because of a disability.

Know Your Rights

If you feel that you are being discriminated against because of a disability, the first thing to do is to point it out. Establishing that you are aware of your rights concerning the situation is the first step in receiving the help you deserve. If you feel you are receiving unfair treatment because of your disability, tell the management of your work immediately. It is essential to let your employer know you are perfectly capable of doing your job with the accommodations you are provided. Generally, employers do the right thing and ensure you are accommodated and treated fairly once you directly let them know.

Filing A Further Complaint

Although most employers take the correct action immediately once they are aware of your discrimination situation, there are some cases where the employer may ignore your concerns. If this is the case for you, it may be time to file a further complaint in a more formal manner. This will benefit you in two different ways, which include the following:

Filing a further complaint will give the company another chance to fix the issue. This does not mean your manager, it can be a higher level of authority of the business you are employed to, such as the human resources department.

Once you file an internal complaint, the company you are employed to will be on thin ice to solve the problem. If the issue is not resolved to you liking and you decide to engage in legal action against the company, your employer not stepping in to solve the issue will be crucial in the case.

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