Dealing With Disability Discrimination: Essential Tips

Despite the fact The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has celebrated 20 years of helping those with disability discrimination in the workplace, there still is a large amount of cases every year. In order to lessen this, we here at Maduff & Maduff are here to tell you what to do if you feel that […]

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Employment Laws That Protect You From Discrimination

There are several federal laws in place that were created to protect employees from various types of discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace, including the following: Color Race National Origin Religious Beliefs Gender Age (only for employees 40 and older) Disability Due to pregnancy, child birth, or other medical related issues Citizenship Genetics In the […]

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Have You Been Affected By Disability Discrimination In The Workplace?

Even though the ADA has celebrated over twenty years of helping and advocating for those with disabilities in the workplace and have almost wiped out disability discrimination in the workplace, there still are cases where it may occur to this day. There have been many large cases involving disability discrimination, including cases that have made […]

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Understanding All the Forms of Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination can come in many forms, especially in the workplace. It is essential for you to know the many forms discrimination can come in your workplace and what you can do about it. Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of the workplace, whether it occurs in the hiring process, day-to-day work, or termination. It is […]

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When Can an Employee Receive Unpaid Leave as an Accommodation Under The ADA

There has been a growing swell of litigation and negotiations between employers and employees to provide unpaid leave under the Americans with Disabilities act. In response to this increase in litigation (and focus), the EEOC issued a publication regarding the issue. The publication discusses a wide range of relevant topics including what employers and employees need to consider and […]

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Can Mandatory Overtime Be an Essential Job Function? The 11th Circuit Says Yes

On March 30, 2015, the Eleventh Circuit affirmed a lower court’s decision which determined that mandatory overtime was an essential job function – confirming the dismissal of a disability discrimination claim. You can read the opinion here. In 2012, the plaintiff provided a note requesting a lifting restriction of no-more than 15 pounds. The employer reassigned her to […]

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