Sexual Harassment: Understanding The Two Types

Sexual harassment is a continued issue in today’s workplace, often resulting in one of the most filed complaints and lawsuits against employers. With this being a major violation of employees’ rights, it is important to understand what sexual harassment is, especially since there are two types of sexual harassment violations.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment is when an employer demands sexual favors from an employee, in exchange for promotions or raises, or threatens the employee if they refuse such sexual favors. Even if an employee submits to such sexual advances, they may still have a case, especially if the advances were unwanted. In fact, when an employee gives in to demanded sexual favors in order to save his or her job, they are likely to have a Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment case.

Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment

Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment is when an employee’s work environment is made hostile by a co-worker or employer due to unwanted sexual advances or comments. With this type of sexual harassment, these sexual advances do not affect the employee’s position within the company, but are just as offensive nonetheless. These advances or comments often lead to the employee’s inability to perform their job, and make their work environment uncomfortable and hostile.

Every employer should have a sexual harassment policy in place. Be sure to report any inappropriate sexual behaviors immediately.

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