Understanding The New Illinois Employment Laws

On January 1, 2015, there were several employment laws and amendments that were put into effect in order to make the workplace a better environment for it’s employees.

“Ban the Box” (Public Act 98-0774)- This law prohibits potential employers from asking information on an application or before an interview in regards to their criminal history until after they have been interviewed, allowing the potential employee to be considered for his or her merits and/or experience.

Workplace Pregnancy Accommodations (Public Act 98-1050)- This law requires that employers reasonably accommodate employees who are pregnant, as well as employees who have a condition related to childbirth.

Employee Status for Interns (Public Act 98-1037)- Any unpaid interns will now be considered employees in order to protect them with any potential sexual harassment claims. The intern can only be considered an employee is they do not receive pay, the employer has not committed to hiring the intern, the work performed by the intern provides experience and does not displace regular employees.

Payroll Cards (Public Act 98-0862)- This law prohibits employers from making it a requirement for employees to be paid on a payroll card, instead of with paychecks or direct deposit, allowing for the employee to decide how they would like to be paid. This law also requires the employer to provide a written explanation and terms of the payroll card, including any fees when using the payroll card.

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