Tips For Addressing Your Concerns With Your Employer

Most companies have a process in which an employee must follow when he or she has a workplace concern. Typically, the first person that your concern must be addressed to is your direct supervisor. While many people feel comfortable speaking with their supervisor, many others may not, especially when it comes to addressing concerns like workplace violations.

Here are some helpful tips for addressing concerns with your employer:

1. Know your workplace rights. By keeping yourself informed of these rights, you not only feel more confident in addressing your concern, but you can also speak about the violation and what is wrong.

2. Hold a private conversation. When addressing any sort of personal concern with your employer, be sure that it is done so privately. If not, it could potentially hurt your employment or others around you.

3. Have the facts. Be sure that you have all the facts before reporting any of the information and addressing your concerns. It may be helpful to write down all the information beforehand, especially the dates when the violations may have occurred.

4. Keep your cool. It is critical to ensure that you are not loosing your temper and acting irrational. Be sure to maintain a professional attitude and be respectful of your employer, regardless of your particular situation.

5. Know what happens next. After you have addressed your concerns with your employer, be sure to ask and understand what will happen next. It is also important to follow-up with your employer after your conversation, especially if an investigation has been underway.

If you feel that your workplace rights have been violated and you have not been taken seriously, contact an employment attorney immediately.

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