Understanding What Sexual Harassment Looks Like In The Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace can come in a variety of different forms. Since most people are unsure of what sexual harassment look like, identifying a situation in which there may be sexual harassment it is not always easy.

The following are examples of possible sexual harassment situations:

  • Unwanted and continuous requests for dates
  • Sexual advances made by the offender
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Requests for sexual favors in order to help you earn a promotion, raise, etc.
  • Inappropriate touching or physical contact made by the offender
  • Excessive and unwanted attention by the offender
  • Inappropriate conversations in regards to your looks, or the way you dress
  • Inappropriate conversations in regards to your sex life, or partner choices
  •  Inappropriate looking at your body
  • Emails, posts, or jokes that have a sexual undertone or innuendo

It is important to remember that you are entitled to a workplace free of harassment of any types. If you think that you have become a victim of sexual harassment, or any other violation of your employee rights, contact an employment attorney immediately.

The employment attorneys at Maduff & Maduff specialize in sexual harassment, discrimination, and other workplace issues. Contact Maduff & Maduff  if you feel that your claim has not been handled appropriately, or if you have any questions or need help with your workplace or sexual harassment issue.