President Obama Announces FLSA Rule Change — More Workers Will Be Entitled to Overtime

The white collar exemptions to overtime pay — the Administrative, Professional, and Executive Exemptions — require among other things that the relevant worker be paid a fix minimum per week.  Currently that salary must be at least $23,660 per year (we discussed this issue in more detail here).  When that regulation was originally passed, $23,000 went a lot […]

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Supreme Court Backs the Department of Labor: Interpretations by the DOL are Not Subject to A Notice and Comment Process

In March 2010 the DOL of Labor issued the Administrator’s Interpretation No. 2010-1 (the “Interpretation”), which provided an interpretation that employees who perform the “typical” duties of a mortgage loan officer employee do not satisfy the duties requirements of the FLSA’s administrative exemption. In so doing, the 2010 interpretation withdrew a 2006 opinion letter that reached […]

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