Supreme Court Will Decide: Are Car Dealership Service Advisors Entitled to Overtime

Last week the Supreme Court agreed to review a case out of California that determined that Car Dealership Service Advisers were entitled to overtime. We discussed it at length here. The California decision was in stark contrast to two other decisions which held that Car Dealership Service Advisors were not entitled to overtime. The issue is whether service […]

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Employment Contracts: Should You Sign?

You got the job! Now, here comes the hard part…reading and understanding your employment contract. While you may be thrilled to start your new job, however, it is critical for a you to know what you may be accepting by signing their employment contract. And little do people know, by reviewing and understanding your employment contract before […]

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Retaliation and Your Rights

Retaliation is when an employer takes an adverse action against an employee that negatively affects their employment, but only when he or she has exercised one of their legal rights. Here is how to help you understand if you are a victim of retaliation and your rights. The following actions are considered adverse: Termination, demotion, or suspension […]

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