Should You File A Complaint?

When it comes to conflicts in the workplace, many employees find themselves too afraid to file a complaint or speak with their Human Resources representative, especially when the complaint is against his or her direct supervisor. While not all workplace conflicts or situations may call for the need to file a formal complaint, there are several circumstances […]

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When Should You File A Complaint In The Workplace

If you feel that you have been violated of anything in the workplace that you believe is illegal, the first thing you should do is contact an employment law attorney to verify the situation. There have been some cases were an employee has wrongfully accused of their employer of a wrongdoing that was actually legal. […]

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Employment Laws That Protect You From Discrimination

There are several federal laws in place that were created to protect employees from various types of discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace, including the following: Color Race National Origin Religious Beliefs Gender Age (only for employees 40 and older) Disability Due to pregnancy, child birth, or other medical related issues Citizenship Genetics In the […]

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Common Types Of Discrimination In The Workplace

Many people know what discrimination means, however, many are often unaware of what this may look like in the workplace. With many different types of workplace discrimination, it is important to know your rights. Here are the most common types of discrimination in the workplace today: Age Discrimination- Employees over the age of 40 are protected under federal […]

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