Things To Consider When Thinking About Filing A Discrimination Claim

Employment discrimination can occur in almost every workplace. Whether it is discrimination in regards to an employee’s age, sex, race, national origin, color, religion, disability, or sexual orientation, an employee is protected under state and federal laws in order to prevent employment discrimination. Unfortunately employment discrimination does occur. In the event that you feel you have […]

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UPDATE: Change in FLSA Overtime Exemption for Domestic Service Workers is Put on Hold

As we discussed at length in our a previous blog post the Department of Labor issued a new rule that updated the definition of “companionship services” which would have entitled many more domestic service workers to overtime pay. The proposed rules have now be vacated by a Judge in Washington DC. In making his ruling, the Judge […]

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Understanding The New Illinois Employment Laws

On January 1, 2015, there were several employment laws and amendments that were put into effect in order to make the workplace a better environment for it’s employees. “Ban the Box” (Public Act 98-0774)- This law prohibits potential employers from asking information on an application or before an interview in regards to their criminal history until after they […]

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Two Years of Continued Employment is Required to Support a Non-Compete Agreement in Illinois

For a non-compete to be valid it must meet the three basic requirements of an ordinary contract: offer, acceptance and consideration. Consideration is a legal term that essentially boils down to whether the parties have agreed to exchange something within the contract terms. When you purchase a gallon of milk, you are agreeing to pay the store for […]

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