Understanding Wrongful Termination

Depending on the state in which you are employed, many employment relationships are considered as at will, which allows for the employer or employee to terminate employment with or without a cause for reason, as long as there is no violation of federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws. However, there are cases in which an […]

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Common Wage And Hour Mistakes Made By Employers

There are several common reasons why employees find themselves encountering wage and hour mistakes during their employment. Often times, these mistakes may constitute costly Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations, and possibly entitle these employees to back wages as well as any potential damages. Perhaps the biggest mistake an employer can make is simply by misclassifying […]

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Are You Experiencing Wage Theft?

Wage theft has become a common problem for employees, especially for service and low-income ones, these days. From failure to receive rightfully earned overtime pay, receiving incorrect pay, or even not receiving pay at all, there are many ways employees are experiencing wage theft in today’s workplace. Recognizing Wage Theft Wage theft is defined as the illegal withholdings of wages, or the […]

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Employer Retaliation

In the workplace, employees can be rather hesitant to filing a complaint if their employer is doing something wrong. In most cases, employees are generally fearful of retaliation by their employer. This can happen in many instances, whether it be discrimination, failure to pay overtime, or many other employment law violations, employes are concerned with […]

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What Trump’s Termination of James Comey Teaches Employers on What Not to Do

Donald Trump fired James Comey, Jr. as the FBI Director with a letter and memorandum of the rational for the termination (if you haven’t seen them you can take a peek here.) While this act is taken at the highest levels of government related issues of enormous public interest, it is substantively little different than decisions […]

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Understanding Employer Retaliation

Employees are often hesitant when it comes to calling out their employer for doing something wrong by a complaint to management or Human Resources. Most employees are typically concerned with one thing—retaliation by their employer. That same fear of retaliation comes when an employee reports the employer to a regulator like the EEOC (for discrimination), the Department […]

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