Is a Non-Compete De Facto Restraining Order Preventing you From Getting Your Next Job

Employees  often sign non-compete agreements as a matter of course when they take a job.  They then work for a period of time for the employer without concern about the non-compete agreement.  At some point the employee leaves the job.  Whether this is because she saw a better opportunity, was no longer happy at the […]

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What Is Wage Theft?

This common workplace issue is increasingly becoming a problem for employees everywhere. Wage theft may occur when an employee does not receive the incorrect pay or may not be receiving their pay at all. No matter the situation, there is something that can be done about it. What Is Wage Theft? Wage theft is defined as the […]

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Protecting Your Employment Rights

Every employee is entitled to his or her rights. However, there are occasions in which employers overlook your employee rights, especially when it comes to discrimination. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, you are facing termination due to discrimination, or termination due to filing a discrimination claim; it is critical that you take […]

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