Understanding Severance Agreements

If an employee’s employment becomes terminated, there are many things that take place, one of these things being a severance agreement. Employees may seek out a severance agreement even if the employer does not provide one. Maduff & Maduff is here to help you understand the basis of severance agreements and how they work. What […]

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How To Know If You’re Entitled To FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that allows employees to take time off for various reasons. With FMLA, employees will have the ability to be reinstated in their current position upon their return. However, there are other requirements that an employee must meet in order to qualify for FMLA. FMLA Requirements An employee […]

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Can an Employer Require Employees be Vaccinated?

With the current measles scare around the country there is a growing question about whether an employer can mandate as a condition of employment that its employees provide proof of vaccinations. Disney has required all of its employees who were in contact with infected co-workers to stay home (paid) or prove they have been vaccinated. In most […]

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Common Employment Lawsuits

While many employers are not aware that they are breaking any laws, there are many federal employment laws that are put in place in order to protect their employees. It is critical for employers to ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for each and every one of their employees. Here are the two most common […]

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Are You Experiencing Wage Theft?

Wage theft has become a common problem for employees, especially for service and low-income ones, these days. From failure to receive rightfully earned overtime pay, receiving incorrect pay, or even not receiving pay at all, there are many ways employees are experiencing wage theft in today’s workplace. Recognizing Wage Theft Wage theft is defined as the illegal withholdings of wages, or the […]

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