The Laws That Protect Employees’ Rights

There are several federal laws that have been established in order to protect employee rights. The following information will help you to understand your basic rights, as well as the laws that protect your rights as an employee. Basic Employee Rights While not all businesses will qualify for each law, there are basic rights in all workplaces, including: […]

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Hiring An Employment Attorney

In today’s world, where lawsuits have become a common thing, it is important to know whom you can turn to and trust in the event you are filed with a lawsuit. Regardless of the situation you may be facing, an employment attorney can help you. There may be many occasions in which you may need to seek […]

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2-Years Later – Two Years of Continued Employment is Required for a Non-Compete

In January of 2015, we discussed non-compete agreements here.  In that article we explained that a non-compete agreement, like any other contract must be supported by “consideration” — that is to say that the employee must receive some benefit for signing a non-compete agreement.  Otherwise, the non-compete agreement is invalid and unenforceable.  (This is separate and […]

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The Confusion About Statutes of Limitations in Race Discrimination Cases

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an employee has 180 days from the date of a discriminatory act to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC.  That 180 days is expanded to 300 days in those states which have their own Human Rights Act.  But Title VII is not the only law against race […]

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