What Is The Fair Labor Standards Act?

In order to establish a national minimum wage as well as other labor laws, The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed in 1938. This act not only guaranteed things like overtime to qualified employees and the 40-hour workweek, but also prevent the employment of minors in “oppressive child labor”. Minimum Wage & Overtime The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that […]

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Tipping Laws And How They Affect You

Most employees working in the service industry will earn more money in the tips they receive, than they will receive in actual wages. It is important, however, that the people who are employed in the service industry understand how tipping works and what the tipping laws are in their particular state are, especially when it comes to ensuring […]

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Employment Laws That Protect You From Discrimination

There are several federal laws in place that were created to protect employees from various types of discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace, including the following: Color Race National Origin Religious Beliefs Gender Age (only for employees 40 and older) Disability Due to pregnancy, child birth, or other medical related issues Citizenship Genetics In the […]

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Understanding The Unemployment Tax Rate In Illinois

When starting out your new business, it is crucial to know that when you hire your first employee, they come with a great amount of expenses. There are certain taxes that you will need to pay, such as workers compensation, FICA taxes, and unemployment rates. This may seem exasperating, however, you have control of the […]

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