How To Handle At-Will Employment

Throughout the United States of America, most jobs in nearly all states are considered at-will employment, you may be wondering what at-will employment truly means and if it has a huge effect on your occupation. What does At-Will Employment mean? At-will employment is where your job is at risk all the time and your job […]

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Understanding Your Severance Agreement

When an employee’s employment is “at will”, this means that an employee can either quit or be fired at any point during their employment. Which means that in the case of either of these scenarios, an employee may not receive compensation once employment has been severed. However, many employers will use a severance agreement in order to […]

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What Is At-Will Employment?

Most jobs, in most states, are considered at-will employment. While this is a common practice, many employees do not understand what at-will employment really means. What Is At-Will Employment? At-will employment means that your employment is exactly that, at will, and your employer can terminate your employment at any time, for any reason. However, the […]

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