Can I Sue For Discrimination And Harassment?

When it comes to workplace issues like discrimination and harassment, may people think that they can immediately file a lawsuit against their employer. However, there are steps that need to be taken before a lawsuit can be filed. While there is a small chance that these steps will improve your situation, or stop the discrimination or harassment, […]

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Are You A Victim Of Wage Theft?

Wage theft has once only thought to be something that affects low-wage service employees. This workplace issue, however, has now become a common issue for working Americans everywhere. Wage theft can mean that an employee is not receiving the correct wages, not receiving their overtime pay, or even not receiving their pay at all. Understanding Wage […]

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Do I Need An Employment Attorney?

Employment attorneys specialize in representing employees in contract negotiations, as well as workplace violations. These violations may be issues such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, overtime or wage theft, as well as civil rights violations. While most people will not need the assistance of an employment attorney, there may be some occasions in which you may need […]

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Is A Salaried Employee Eligible For Overtime Pay?

Often times, salaried employees have misconceptions when it comes to overtime, and if they are qualified or not to receive overtime pay. While most salaried employees are exempt from overtime, salaried employees may also be eligible for overtime, but only in the following situations. For salaried employees who are qualified and entitled to overtime pay, their overtime […]

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