Understanding Employee Misclassifications

While there are several reasons why employees find themselves encountering wage and hour mistakes during their employment, the most often cause is due to employee misclassifications. Examples Of Employee Misclassifications Misclassifications can happen when an employer inaccurately classifies a worker as an independent contractor, rather than an employee. In this cases, the employees fail to […]

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Non-Compete Agreements and their Implications

Non-Compete Agreements and their Implications A few generations ago it was common for a person to remain at their first job for a lifetime. If not that long, it was still common to stay at the same job for many years. But today people typically change jobs several times in their career. Sometimes there is […]

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Understanding When To Consult With An Employment Attorney

If you feel that your employment law rights have been violated, it is important to know who you can turn to for proper help. Employment law issues typically happen in an event where the employer does not resolve any problem or concern an employee may have. In addition, some employees are not aware that their […]

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Ensure Workplace Issues Are Being Handled Correctly

It is important when wanting to run a successful business, that employers ensure their employees are free of common workplace issues, such as harassment and discrimination. While even the best businesses work hard to ensure they have policies in place, they may experience one of these potential workplace issues. In the event that it does happen, it is critical to ensure […]

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