Gender Discrimination For Both Men And Women

When you hear the phrase “gender discrimination” you most likely think that only women are affect, however, men are greatly affected as well. Despite the fact that there have been laws set in place to resolve many aspects of gender discrimination, it still occurs to this very day. Men are affected in many of the […]

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Should You File A Complaint?

When it comes to conflicts in the workplace, many employees find themselves too afraid to file a complaint or speak with their Human Resources representative, especially when the complaint is against his or her direct supervisor. While not all workplace conflicts or situations may call for the need to file a formal complaint, there are several circumstances […]

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3 Common Wage Violations

Wages and benefits are perhaps one of the most important things to all employees. This is why it is important for employees to know and understand their rights, especially when it comes to wages. Here are the 3 most common wage violations that occur in the workplace: 1. Wage Theft- No matter if it’s regular pay or overtime, when […]

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