How To Handle Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace can come in a variety forms and ways. Many employees are often times unfamiliar with the signs of workplace discrimination or unaware of how to handle suspected cases. There are federal laws in place to protect applicants and employees from being discriminated against on the basis of their age, sex, race, religion, disability, […]

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Are You Owed Overtime For Working Through Your Meal Break?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA, as well as various state wage laws, an employer must pay for time worked, even if it is done during your lunch break. Just because you eat does not mean that you are taking a lunch break. The real question is whether you are doing work for […]

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How An Employment Attorney Can Help Employers Make Tough Decisions

While most employers are able to handle employee situations on their own, there are many occasions when an employment attorney is essential in helping employers make difficult decisions, especially since employment laws are constantly changing. The most common time an employer will seek the help from an employment attorney is during firings, especially when the employee is a […]

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Consult With An Employment Attorney Before Signing Your Severance Agreement

In the state of Illinois, an employee’s employment is “at will” and means that an employee can either quit or be fired at any point during their employment. In any of these scenarios, an employee may not receive compensation once employment has been severed, however, many employers will use a severance agreement in order to let the […]

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Supreme Court Hears Overtime Arguments on Pay for Security Checks

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employees be paid time and a half for overtime. But there is an exception for activities which are not part of the job. Historically the test for determining whether an activity is part of one’s job and therefore “work” for which the employee must be paid is whether […]

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