Understanding Employer Retaliation and Your Rights

There are many state and federal laws that protect employees from employer retaliation. Retaliation is when an employer takes an adverse action against an employee that negatively affects their employment, but only when he or she has exercised one of their legal rights. What Is Considered An Adverse Action? Termination, demotion, or suspension of your employment […]

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Understanding Common Workplace Violations

Workplace violations are becoming more more common. However, there are many people out there that are unaware of their rights as employees and may not be aware that they are a victim of such violations. Here are the most common workplace violations and what you should know in order to protect your rights. Overtime Theft– Non-exempt employees […]

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Understanding How Tipping In Employment Law Works

It is important for employees working in the service industry to make themselves knowledgeable and aware of how tipping works, as well as their rights when it comes to tip credits and tip pooling. Tipping- Service employees should never be required to forfeit any part of their earned tip to their employer or other employees. This rule can change, […]

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Understanding If You Are Exempt From The Federal Overtime Law

Most employers are required to pay their employees overtime, according to federal and state laws, however, these laws often times contain exceptions. With these exceptions, some employees are not qualified to receive overtime pay and are considered “exempt” employees. The following types of employees are considered exempt from the Federal Overtime Law: Executive, Administrative, and Professional employees that […]

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