Understanding Employment Law

It is important to know the difference between what is appropriate behavior for work and what should be saved for post work conversations. Being approached by another employee or higher in the workplace up can put you in an awkward situation if they say the wrong thing or if their comments are taken the wrong […]

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Have You Been Affected By Disability Discrimination In The Workplace?

Even though the ADA has celebrated over twenty years of helping and advocating for those with disabilities in the workplace and have almost wiped out disability discrimination in the workplace, there still are cases where it may occur to this day. There have been many large cases involving disability discrimination, including cases that have made […]

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How To Handle Retaliation From Your Employer

Generally, if an employee experiences a violation of their rights or feel something is missing from their wages, they have the ability to file a complaint to their employer. However, some employees are hesitant to follow through with this because employer retaliation may possibly occur. It is essential to file a complaint if you feel […]

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