The Most Common Questions Surrounding The FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal program that allows employees to take unpaid time off for eligible reasons. There are often many questions when it comes to FMLA, such as the following: Do I qualify for leave under FMLA? FMLA is only offered to certain employees. In order for an employee to be eligible for […]

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Understanding Non-Compete Agreements In Employment

Non-compete agreements are used by businesses in order to retain talent, as well as protect their intellectual property, however, many employees are finding themselves feeling trapped and unable to leave their company for other, potentially more beneficial and profitable opportunities. Should I sign a non-compete agreement? If your potential employer is asking you to do […]

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When Should You File A Complaint In The Workplace

If you feel that you have been violated of anything in the workplace that you believe is illegal, the first thing you should do is contact an employment law attorney to verify the situation. There have been some cases were an employee has wrongfully accused of their employer of a wrongdoing that was actually legal. […]

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Employment Rights Violations 2019

It is critical for employers to ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for each and every one of their employees. However, there are many situations in which this is not the case, and employees may fall victim to a violation of their employee rights. Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment occurs when an employer either demands […]

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