Filing A Discrimination Claim…Here’s What You Need To Know

Discrimination in the workplace can appear in many forms. Whether discrimination was in regards to an employee’s age, sex, race, national origin, color, religion, disability, or sexual orientation, there are a variety of ways discrimination can occur. It is important to know, however, that every employee is protected under state and federal laws in order to prevent […]

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Handling Discrimination and Harassment Claims In The Workplace

Running a successful business means running a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. However, there may be potential workplace issues that come up, making it critical that you are handling it in an appropriate manner. Here is how to properly handle a discrimination or harassment claim in your workplace: Be respectful. When a complaint is brought to your attention, […]

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All I Got For Christmas Was A Pink Slip

Every employee hopes for a bonus at Christmas time.  But terminations are also common.  Is it because the company is looking to avoid the Christmas bonus?  Is it because the company is simply trying to reduce staff before the end of the year?  For whatever reason, we see a slight uptrend in terminations at this […]

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