Sexual Harassment Claims and McDonald’s

On Wednesday, October 15th, fifteen employees from the world’s largest burger chain, McDonald’s, filed charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of the victims by the Fight for $15 movement, alleging they were all victims of sexual harassment while on the job, in as many as 8 states, including Illinois. From being verbally […]

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Chicago Wage Ordinance – Employees May Recover 3x their Unpaid Wages

The Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance was adopted at the end of 2014 to much fan fare because it raises the minimum wage requirements for all employees within the City of Chicago. The current rate schedule for minimum wage in Chicago is as follows: Effective Date Non-Tipped Employees Tipped Employees July 1, 2015 $10.00 $4.95 July 1, 2016 […]

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