Are You Exempt From Receiving Overtime?

One of the biggest concerns, when it comes to understanding overtime pay, is who is and who is not eligible to receive overtime payments? Since the US department of Labor has certain requirements in place, it is best for an employee to know where their employment falls under these requirements. First of all, according to the US […]

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Understanding Overtime Laws In Illinois

Throughout the state of Illinois, there have been several overtime laws set in place to grant workers fair wages when they are working over 40 hours a week. The federal minimum wage for those over the age of 18 is $8.25, however, this number should increase depending on the amount of hours an employee has […]

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Employers Can Make Up to 10% of Salary with Nondiscretionary Payments under the new FLSA Overtime Rules

While the updated salary requirements to be exempt from overtime are receiving all the headlines there were other important changes that will go into [WHEN] effect. One of those changes is a new rule that allows an employer to count non-discretionary payments towards the new $47,476.00 salary threshold. The rule caps this amount at [THE LESSER OF/GREATER […]

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