Excessive Non-Competes: The Jimmy Johns Problem

While non-compete agreements do have their purpose, they are over used and abused by employers. As a general proposition, they are disfavored in most states as a restraint upon trade. Most recently, a non-compete agreement that Jimmy Johns’ Sandwich shop has used with even its low wage workers has caused a stir in the employment […]

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Understanding Wage Theft

Wage theft has become a popular term these days. What once was believed to be a common problem for low-wage service employees has now become an issue for Americans everywhere. Whether an employee is not receiving their overtime pay, the incorrect pay, or not receiving their pay at all, there is something that can be done […]

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When To Hire An Employment Lawyer

In today’s world, where lawsuits have become a common thing, it is important to know whom you can turn to and trust in the event you are filed with a lawsuit. Whether it may be employee issue or an employer issue, an employment lawyer can help you. While there are many reasons to hire an employment lawyer, here […]

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